Friday, January 28, 2011

SUPPORT MY FRIEND!!! :D Crono Net & Koreaboo: Cube Audition 2011

Hi guys~~~!!
so ... prov tests are all over now!!! YAY~! : D
Oh yea, the point is that please support one of my best friends CINDY~! on her audition for cube entertainment! Hahahaha : D She is so pro! : D Please support her!

: D More updates to come later~!

Ty for the support!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Thank You Followers~ Thank you SPECIAL!!!! My Gyaru Insprations~! Tsubasa Masuwaka (益若つばさ), Yui Kanno(菅野結以), Hikari Shiina ~ ! (椎名ひかり)

: P In planning class right now... and found out I HAVE 30 FOLLOWERS NOW~! Thank you, thank you so much! It may not mean a lot to others, but it means SOOO much to me~!!! <3 And it gives me motivation to blog more Hahaha
So since there is so many followers, I decided to blog about my Top 3 gyaru insprations. In other words my gyaru Idols!!! :D :D

First up~ <333

Hikari Shiina ~ ! (椎名ひかり)
Her Style is more like... Animeish/ School girl because she loves to cosplaying and Anime~ <3
I really like this style because I also love love love anime and since I am still in High School I can pull off the School Girl look easily in school too <3

Next UP~! Yui  Kanno~!

Yui Kanno(菅野結以)
I love love LOVE her!!! She is one of the models for LIZ LISA~! <3 Which is only like my favorite brand.
I really like how Yui looks, she just has a sweet look to her, and her style of choice is more girly. I absoultley love her style!

Next!! Of Course it is Tsubasa Masuwaka!!!
Tsubasa Masuwaka (益若つばさ)
Whatever she wears, she is always pretty. A famous top gyaru which causes social phenomenons called “Tsubasa Ure” (つばさ売れ), which means whatever she advertises sells out fast.
I really like Tsubasa, she is the Gyaru model who introduced me to the gyaru world. I love everything about her and she looks good in whatever style she is in, weather it be cool or cute. She is my very top idiol.
Naoki and Tsubasa

Oh yea, btw.. Since the exams are comming soon.. I dont have time to take pictures of my gifts and blog about them, so I am goin to blog about my bday at like about Jan, 30th! After the exams, SO STAYED TUNED!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quick Update!

Today is my bday~ TURNED 16 <3 Had so much fun! Kareoked ate and got lots of presents <3 LOVE MY FRIENDS SO MUCH! More to come later~! Need to do hw now TT^TT

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011 and Back to School and Updates!!!

I know it is kinda late... but HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! <333 <333 I hope everyone is as happy as me~ Huhuhu~ : D Today is the first day of school.. so you know what this means... I need to catch up on my hw before tuesday.. BECAUSE on Friday I have to get ready for my 2 Sweet 16 PARTIES comming up!!! (Will maybe blog about it later) : D : D Yes! I will be turning 16 on Jan. 9th!!! Ah~~~ So old... TT^TT I can feel my youth slipping away.... Haha jk.. It is just starting..!!! : D : D Well anyways.. I better do my hw for now... Sorry there is no cam hoaring pics this time... I have no time to cam hoar during the winter break.. Too much hanging out with friends, family friends and matchmaking <<<--- Yes I know... I do matchmaking too!!! And last but not least.. Gaming! I have been addictied to this game called Tales Runner now.. My ign is NanaHoney.. and I think I have an addiction problem...

*laughs* Lol no I always had a problem... Weeee~~~ My brithday is comming up soon <3 <3 <3

Oh yea these are my new year resolutions:
1. Keep a consitant diet! : D (Healty Dieting is the best way!)
2. Keep on blogging!!! And hopefully my blog will turn out to be a hit.
3. Somehow become an entertainer in Taiwan when I return there this year...
4. Improve my singing... <--- How do you do that though?
5. Get better looking everyday!!! : D : D
6. Get a job...
7. Keep up with an A in school <--- Getting Hard because I am getting lazy and I have an addiction problem...

Lol~ Stay pretty Lovies!!! : D : D : D Till next time!!!!