Friday, December 24, 2010


Omgs!!! It is one day till Christmas everyone! Did you buy all your gifts already??? I HAVE! 
These couple of days have been hetic~ Yesterday, I went to family friends for party... Forgot to bring my camera though, the before after that I went to a friends gift exchange party, then even a few days forward, I have been going to Aberdeen and metro all the time~ ! Me and my best friend exchanged gifts! : D : D I just absolutely love her <33 <33

But anyways this is the sleep over picture! (The only picture I have)

Ah haha I am the one in the Brown who is looking up for no reason! 

and have a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Types of Gyarus~

I just noticed, I am too lazy to blog recently.. and that I haven't really talked about types of Gyarus, so let's talk about different type of gyarus~  To be honest... I am also still learning, so there may be a few mistakes~ Lol~

Ganguro gyaru (ガングロギャル) is a gal with an artificial deep tan, bleached hair and really heavy make-up!!! This style was popular in the late 1990s and early 2000. Right now, I think it is exitient, but there may be a few people who dress like this.

Kogyaru (高校生) is generally a high school student~

Mago gyaruo (中学校) a middle school gal, so it is like between grade 7 to grade 9~

Oyajigyaru (オヤジギャル) is from oyaji and gyaru. They are like gyarus who behaves in a masculine way. They usually drinks beer and uses rough language.
Oneegyaru (お姉ギャル) is the most popular gyaru style among high school boys~! Onee gyarus are people who dress more mature and have the onee-san, which means "elder sister" or "young lady" look.

Onii/Oniikei (お兄、お兄系) is the male equivalent of Oneegyaru.

Ogyaru (汚ギャル) is a dirty or disheveled gyaru who may forsake daily baths or takes little care in her behaviour and dress, even by gyaru standards.

Gyaruo (ギャル男) is the gyaru's male counterpart~ Male who also like high fashion~

Manba (マンバ) gals are deeply tanned and wear contrasting white make-up. Their hair is usually pastel-coloured or blonde, and very long and back-combed. Their clothes are very bright or neon and layered.

Kigurumin gals wear kigurumi! Kigurumi is a type of pajama-suit that resembles an animal and sometimes cartoon characters. I think this style is also very rarely seen.

Bibinba (ビビンバ) gals usually includes a lot of gold and jewellery in thier outfits and are similar to b-gal.

Banba (バンバ) is a lighter, brighter form of manba, though they are distinct styles. Banba wear less of the white makeup than manba and wear brighter clothes. Club wear is popular. They also use more glitter, and have a neon touch to their hair. They use more extreme-looking types of false eyelashes and coloured contact lenses.

Kyoba bo-i is the male banba. The make-up is similar to Sentaa-gai's, but the eyes can be made up to look bigger. They accessorize excessively and commonly don bangs.

Himegyaru (姫ギャル) (My favorite!!!!) are gals who dress like princesses. Hair colours vary from blonde to black and is usually very big and teased. They wear expensive clothing from brands such as Liz Lisa and Jesus Diamante.

Gyaru-kei (ギャル系) is the modern general gyaru style. It has many substyles such as Amekaji(American Casual), Saike(Psyche), Bohemian, Rokku(Rock), and Haady, which a creation of Egg magazine that includes bright, wild prints tied in with a punk style fashion. Lots of magazines use these types~~ I also adore and love this style~~ because it is so wide ranged~

Yayy~ I love herrr~~~
I got some of the info from wikipidea~

Monday, November 1, 2010

Diet Bet!

Heyy~ Long time no blog :D : D :D
Since today is the day after Halloween, I noticed something.. I have gotten fatter...
So because I am fatter, I decided to go on a diet!!! Hahahaha
But anyways the point is that my friend wants to go on a diet too so our goal is to loose 20 pounds by the end of my birthday, which is Jan 9th : D : D

and the fun part is the loser has to > . > spend 20 dollars on anything the winner wants...
soo hahahaha i hope i succeed so i can post a before and after picture lol

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Am I Dead?

Recently I haven't been posting. If anyone is wondering if I am dead or not, the answer is no!!! :D I just lost the will to blog for a while, but I am backs!
I even changed my hair!!!!
More Catching up on Gyaruness on the weekends!!!
Just wanted to tell you guys I am not dead yet!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer School is Ending SOON!!!!

Sorry, I haven't been blogging for a longgg longg time!!! Summer school is so busy, and I want to do well...  *sigh* Lately, me and freind decided to sell CIRCLE LENSES!!! To make your eyes look eyemazing!!! :D If you want, check it out at!/profile.php?id=100001367807399!!! Currently we our promo is Buy 2 Pairs Of Lenses, AND Get 1 RANDOM Pair FREE!!! Buy 3 Pairs Of Lenses, AND Get 1 Pair Of Lenses Of Your Choice FREE!! We do shipping too!!! Every pair is $ 15, unless it is Toric!
Lol!!! I scaned this from my magazines!!! I gotta admit, either I am not a very good scanner or my scanner is bad!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Popteen August 2010 Overlook

I haven't post a overlook for like sooo long, so here is Popteen August 2010! I call this a Overlook, but I think I am explaining the whole magazine.... hmmm... Oh yea, btw, thank you everyone who subbied to me :D I am super happy : ) You made my miserable day... *cries*

Okay, here is the Popteen August 2010 Overlook!!!

Kana Nishino made the cover!!! The currently very popular singer right now : )!!!

Pop festival!!! I want to go so bad : ( , too bad I can't... I am stuck in canada : (.. I wonder when I can go back....

Everytime I see this, I just feel like crying... I wish was Japanese and living in Japan so I can be a popmodel too!

Rina Carolina is in the horoscope page, she looks like a real kid on this page!

Dunno why but Kumicky looks cuter dosen't she?

Summer styles : )   I think she looks a bit more mature now :D
Hottest Cute Items from the 109 shop :D
Apparently they are having a big discount!!! :D I so wanna go to Japan and shop....

Thoese are all so cute, there are more, but these i really like!!!
Nana and Kumikki Introudes the Kawaii Style for Gals :D
Bikinis for summer!!! :D Hahaha, they are so skinny. I wanna be skinny like Kumikki too!

Next time :D Will be about Beach Hairstyles! Thank you for reading this!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Overwelmed with FOOD!!!

I meant to put this on a longgg time ago, but I guess I kept forgeting! This was like about 2 weeks ago? Maybee? It have been sooo much fun!!! *smiles* But I spend soo much money... eating and having fun.

On Monday, I went with me and my friend Katie and Kim to Metro +Aberdeen for facetrade. When we got there at like 9 something, all the shops were closed... expect one... The game area!!! So we took purikura!!!
Maria 2 was the machine, it is old i think..
This is our poses, my fat head keeps getting in the way...
Yay!!! My first youtube vid!!! : D I am very proud of it :)!
I forgot to record the decorating part, because I was so into it :D
Surprisingly, we could change hair colors and eye colors too in this one, I was looking for it for a really long time :) but the machinese here are so old D: If anyone knows any new purikura place in vancouver please tell me : D I will be so grateful
This is how the pics turned out to be:

Katie + Kimmy Burger Looks so cute :D
Katie was cutting the stickers while I DDRed :D I am so lazy hahahaha : )

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Popteen July 2010 Overlook Contuined~

I remeber I promised that I would upload it a long time ago!!! Now I am fullfilling my promise!!! Haha!
The Gals are showing us how to do the hair and make up from their pictures in their blogs!
Okarie's Hair Tutorial! Perfect for short hair!
I like the Mini Hat!!! So cute!!!
Simple but sexy make up!
Hikari is so adorable! She looks like a kitty!
The popular bangs that can be seen recently everywhere on Popteen!
If you are a student! These are the cosmetics you may carry!
I rember I used to use the peg for noses too! But you should use it when you are little, it works better! That is why some ppl think my nose is fake, because normally asain's don't have pointy noses.
Liz Lisa's France styled clothing!!! I really like the flower pattern.
Diets are for summer time!!!
Thisss is soo Kawaii!!! <3 Popteen did a section on lovers... Hehehehe.. Now I want to have a boyfriend to take purikura with.... I almost cried when I saw this...
Promise rings are so cute!
I remeber I saw a couple like this in Aberdeen!
Bubble tea <3
I think this is all for today! There is a lot of pictures, I dont want your computer to crash.. Also my computer is getting slow.