Sunday, March 27, 2011

Giveaway WINNER! : D

Yay! Finally! It is time to announce the giveaway winner!!! I am so happy that so many people entered! I am really thankful! Well anyways... this is how I listed everyone! 

 Haha! Sorry they are not exactly in order but... I am too lazy to fix it.... Did you find your name in it?

 AND NOW! For the winner... Da da dum~ <3
The winner is HIMEDOLLIE! Please contact me immediately, if you do not contact me within 3 weeks. I will pick a new winner!
All results are final~! And I hope you loved my giveaway and keep supporting me! Thank you so much! I am very grateful for all your support!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Just... life....

Recently I have been really busy so I did not have the chance to post much! Sorry! 
But anyways! Recently I have been working out regularly for my diet! Although, I still couldn't help but eat a lot of junk food... 
Good sports drink! : D It tastes so good!
These nuts are good and fills you up! 

On Saturday, I went to math school in Aberdeen. So i thought I should buy something cute on the way ... so I went to one of the spining egg vending machines and got this! 
Isn't it so cute! Haha. I told my mom and she thought it was too expensive... 

Oh yea! I am also super lucky!  I got this from an UFO claw machine in one try! 
The machine isn't really good,  the claws were really weak, and the puppet dropped as soon as it was picked up, but somehow it bounced against another doll and went into the hole. Haha. 
This is what I got. I used it for my ipod key chain. Haha.
Also, a few days ago I heard Japan got hit by a huge earthquake and than Tsunami. I hope they are okay.... it really saddens me that misfortunes keeps coming along in the world somehow.... but I am thankful that Japan has good technology, so that the minimum amount of people got hurt..  but it still gets me sad every time...

That is all for today! See you guys later. Be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY!
  Oh yea, does anyone know what kind of tablet is good for drawing?   Preferably a cheap one too...!