Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Spring Break!

Hello! How has everyone been doing lately

 I have been going good! But kinda lazy because spring break just ended!!!  
Lately my skin condition isnt very good..... I guess I stayed up too late gaming... and stuff... hahaha
So I am a bit sad... and I am going to not have any bangs until my skin is fixed!!!  
This is what I look like without bangs..  Hahahaha.... 
But anyways... during spring break.... I did so much things! But not enough pictures! 
I went to metrotown with my friends one day, and than I had sushi...

The sushi wasnt very good...

And it was kinda expensive too... Haha.   
And this plant in Metro Town is dangerous... It spiked me!

So did this leaf... This caused me to do something bad.... I ripped the tip off...

During the spring break... I went and bought this for my friend in Korea and sent it to her!
I had soft serve ice cream!
Some other day, I went to a restaurant near Crystal Mall and had Seafood Noodles...

Andd....! This interesting looking stone pot thing! Me and My friends shared it together...
They gave us free drinks! It is like a melon tea!
This is when I discovered there was really cheap food! And it tasted great too!
Me and my friends took some Purikura!
This drink is very delicious! My friend recommends it!  
Oh yea! And recently I have been starting to drink tea too! : D It is delicious!
I had muffins with my friend in McDonalds : D Hahaha... They got the wrong order... so this muffin is only 11 cents!
Oh yea we also had bubble tea... The ones from this store is delicious! I forgot what it is called but ask for little sugar and ice!
And if your wondering why my friends have no pictures.. It is because they are camera shy....
Lol I think I am going to sleep early today! Good Nights!

Thank you for reading my blog! And Thank you new followers! I really love your visit!