Monday, February 28, 2011

I am back! + Aquraium!

A week ago, I think I promised to show my trip to the Aquraium! So here it is!

If you are wondering what it is... it is a Hello Kitty Monopoly! Yes, they have everything in hello kitty nowasdays! We walked past it while going to the aquraium!  

Entrance of Aquraium

Sunflower Seastar.. Looks like an octopus's behind..

Real Octopus

It's throbing head

Me+ My friend.She is the one who took all the pictures! She is really good at it too!

Some sort of sea creature

Pretty Jellyfish

Great Shot of the glowyness

Kinda Looks like a mushroom...

Cut little mini Jellyfishes

This is how they swim around! Expand form!

My friend + Me in the 4D Theatre!

The Screen

Apparently they have birds in the Aquraium too!


Blue Frog

Big Turtle

Attempt to make it a desktop background failed... There was no fish

They look like worms

The Dolphin show

While I looked at this, I thought sushi...


Some Fish with arms + legs!

They even had ballons!

The Aquraium Truck

Nature shots

Went to a Manga shop and saw this... BL or some call it Yaoi

A rack full of BL!
Yeps! That is all for now! I will blog more later or tomorrow? Going to richmond for math afterschool! Will blog about this! Blogged this at school.. so no emotes!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rest for a few days!

I am not going to blog for a few days! Haha I am going to dedicate my time to remeber my code list for my job! Remeber to enter my give away!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gyaru Heaven Thank You Followers First GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED ON MARCH 27TH 7:00)

As I promised! I am doing a GIVEAWAY to thank my dearest followers! Turns out I got the money faster than I expected and some stuff I am giving away I already own! Everything for this giveaway is new so don't worry, there is no cooties.This giveaway is open internationally!
I kinda went overboard when I was looking for stuff to giveaway! I had to try and get everything to fit in the camera! 

The give away items are... 

The very obvious one: My old Popteen magazine! I remember I did say everything was new but.. only this is old... Haha! This is the May 2010 issue. Very cute! 

This is a diet book! You can calculate your calories need in it and such...
Example Page
Example Page
This is the eyelashes I really like! So I decided to give a pair out, this is in brown. The lashes that are really long in the middle "opens" up your eyes! 
Close up! Pretty right?
A Hello Kitty box to keep small stuff like accessories!
In the box will include 2 pairs of earrings! The picture do not do justice! It is much more SPARKLY! It will also include a long lace, pearls and beads necklace!

More Example

More Example
I know skin is very important! So I decided to give away FIVE My Beauty Diary Q10 face mask! It is one of the new ones so the quality is better than the old ones... You can tell if you put it on your face.
More Example
These socks are very good with flats and heels! One is gray and one is skin toned! My dad got it from Japan for me, it is said to keep the odors away.
I am also giving away this super cute and fluffy ear muff! It is very simple so it goes great with outfits! I have one for myself too!
Last but not least.. A dress! A kinda hime one too! It is hard to find a pretty dress while it being free sized! But I did it! It is both lacey and stretchy! The band in the middle is stretchable! And the feeling of silk on your body is really soft and comfy too!
Upper Half
Chest Area
Bottom Part, with Layers!

Okay, now the important part! Read Carefully!
How to Enter:
1. Must be a public follower of my blog!
2. Comment on this post providing your name and email address. (+1 entry)
3. Create a new post about my giveaway on your blog and link me the URL in the comment. (+1 entry)
4. Have my giveaway on the sidebar of your blog and link me your blog URL in the comment. (+1 entry)
5. Twitter my giveaway or Facebook it and link me to the URL. (+1 entry)

This giveaway ends on March 27th, 2011, because it is easy for me to remeber! (My sister's birthday!)
Feel free to use any content in my post! 

Good Luck!!!!