Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Day~!

Waaa~! I am feeling so energetic today! I guess working out really does boost your mood and makes you feel happy! Haha Although I am happy about 99.9% of the time...   

Oh yea yesterday I ordered this online.. but it seems like the lady selling it isn't available at the moment!  Soo... I dunno if she got my order form or not yet... Or when I am getting it But the Ageha model recommends this for slimming, so I am going to give it a try! I was going to buy the socks one but with my mother suggest me to get this. Haha. Me and my mom is very close! ! !   

Tomorrow I am going to go to an aquraium! Yay! I have never been to an aquraium before and I am so exicited!!! I will blog about this more once  I go there!

Also, lately I have been wanting to sell Dolly Wink Products... Haha... I dunno why though! I guess I just love to spread Tsubasa around... hahaha and of course make money! People usually sell Dolly Wink Lashes for crazy prices! One package over here is like $28 dollars!!! If I sold it I would probably sell it for like $18-$19.

Wayy Overpriced!

Also right now I really really want a cellphone.... but the model I want are all expensive! Time to save up!  

That is all for today! Thank you new followers + comments! I love them all! 

Happy~! Happy~!

1 comment:

Mutsumi said...

Jesus...28$ is waaaaay too much!! xX
They are like 16-18$ in store..