Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Bunny New Years~ : D GYARU SPECIAL~!

Hello Gyarus~~~ : D : D It is Chinese new years already... Haha HAPPY BUNNY NEW YEARS!

Soooo.... this time... I think I am going to do an order on important things gyaru should have for me in no order...  Enjoy! <--- did that make sense? >.>

8th Nails!  

You may think no one notices your nails... but they do! Nails are important of the gyaru style! And ranges from 2d to 3d and can be made out of plenty of  things! Like nail polish, gel, gems, 3d deco. etc. You can learn about nail deco with magazines like nail up, nail Venus and nail max.

7th Knowledge of Gyaru!

By saying knowlege of gyaru.. i meant reading magazines... Like popteen, egg, popsister, ageha, etc. Whatever style suits you....

My favorite would be popteen and popsister mainly because I am a Hikari and Tsubasa believer.. hehehehe


6th make up in general~!

Any gyaru brand like canmake, dollywink, melliesh, candydoll. etc... And anything ranging from foduation to lip conclear to blush and eyeshadow. And shince I am a Tsubasa believer. My favortie brands are candydoll and dolly wink.

5th  Eyelashes!

Yes.. this is so important!!! This is what makes up the eyes! Ranging from brands like Dolly wink, melliesh, D.U.P, Nature Is Lovely, LIZ LISA, eyemazing and just about any make up brand : D : D Once again! Favorite...! Dolly WINK!

As to which dolly wink number...

My favorite is #2 for upper lashes and #8 for bottom ones ...

4th Circle Lenses!

Circle lenses are super important! Even if the gyarus aren't wearing any make up they are wearing circle lenses when they go out! 
There are sooo soo many circle lens brands once again like eos, geo, venus, barbie, seashell, mimo. etc...

I can't say I have a favorite pair of lenses, because my eyes are sensitive so I rarely wear circle lenses to prevent allergies...

3rd  Hair!

Hair is super important! Weather it is going to a salon to style your hair or doing it at home... Hair is a must!

I really dunno what to say about hair expect hair is important... Depending on your style... you will have sightly different hair... Reading magazines is also a good idea to do different styles!

The Hair style that I really like and would like to try out right now is... Nana's Hair

2ndPlace! Accessories!

Accessories are a musttt!! : D Gyaru's must accessorize themselves accordingly, weather it be necklaces, or rings, or charms!
Fur Tail Charm
Fake Glasses
Pom poms


1st Place! CLOTHES!

Clothes make the person... and since gyaru is a style of choice clothes are a must! : D

Every brand is for a different style... : D Like Liz Lisa, for girlish gyarus. Cocolulu for sportier, and others like Pinky Girls, Deary... etc

I don't really have a brand.. I just wear everything gyaru, weather it is brand or no brand. I like to wear whatever is affordable for me and still look good : D

Before I end this....


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