Monday, February 28, 2011

I am back! + Aquraium!

A week ago, I think I promised to show my trip to the Aquraium! So here it is!

If you are wondering what it is... it is a Hello Kitty Monopoly! Yes, they have everything in hello kitty nowasdays! We walked past it while going to the aquraium!  

Entrance of Aquraium

Sunflower Seastar.. Looks like an octopus's behind..

Real Octopus

It's throbing head

Me+ My friend.She is the one who took all the pictures! She is really good at it too!

Some sort of sea creature

Pretty Jellyfish

Great Shot of the glowyness

Kinda Looks like a mushroom...

Cut little mini Jellyfishes

This is how they swim around! Expand form!

My friend + Me in the 4D Theatre!

The Screen

Apparently they have birds in the Aquraium too!


Blue Frog

Big Turtle

Attempt to make it a desktop background failed... There was no fish

They look like worms

The Dolphin show

While I looked at this, I thought sushi...


Some Fish with arms + legs!

They even had ballons!

The Aquraium Truck

Nature shots

Went to a Manga shop and saw this... BL or some call it Yaoi

A rack full of BL!
Yeps! That is all for now! I will blog more later or tomorrow? Going to richmond for math afterschool! Will blog about this! Blogged this at school.. so no emotes!


che said...

Nice pics!

I'd love to have Hello Kitty Monopoly!

Oreo said...

omg I went to the aquarium with my school too! did you go on friday?

Kerous said...

I love the aquarium! You look like you had a lot of fun.

None of the ones I've been to have had octopus. They are fascinating, I love them and hope to go to an aquarium that has one someday.

мoɴιcα-αι said...

love this post! i miss the aquarium so much! it's so therapeutic to watch fish for some reason hehe :)

Mutsumi said...

Wow, seems like you had a really nice day ♥

Love the jellyfish phots...amazing ♥

And...Question! xD
You seem shocked by BL Manga, haha...seems like you don't like them, hm?

With Love, Elle said...

lovely place! did u see them feed any fishes there? i love sharks and dolphins hehe

xoxo elle

NanaChan said...

@oreo i think i went on saturday haha!

@elle i did see little sharks haha. they don't have big ones! and no unfortunally we arent allowed to feed haha!

icitea said...

Wait. You live in my city? That's cool xD Haven't been to the aquarium in a long, long time. Glad you had a good time there!