Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday Party/Sleepover/Hangout~!

It has been a while since I posted something from my life... so here it is! :  D  Haha

so anyways... it was my friend's 16th bday party/sleepover/hangout and i was so sick it was hard to enjoy >.> but i did anyways.

AHHH.. The uploading of pictures are so sloww!!!

Before the hangout we had a sleep over and a party before that...

The party was so much funnn!!! We DDRED. <3 and played games <3 and I wasn't sick at all...

The cookies she gave us : D I think it is overly sweet so I didn't finish it... cute though,

This is suppose to be shrimp crackers... but it tasted like plastic + paper :(

This is the most delicious spinach you will eat! I love it!!! 
It is like veggie goodness!  

Cute looking hot dogs... to bad I couldn't eat it.. I am allergic to beef...

I guess that is enough food for now... 
CAM HOWARR time... in sleepover

Me: The one in the cap

 We tried the purikura option on the web cam but it didn't work... it was pretty cool though

 After the sleepover I got sick TT^TT 
Oh yea this is her cake... it tastes good <3

On the hang out day we went to a all-you-can- eat sushi buffet <3 in Metrotown. It was super yummy! <3
 I tried to take pictures of the food.. but some people >.> were to hungry and ate it before i took it lol..
 In the end I just gave up and ate. 
 Oh yea we purikuraed too! <3 Machine was okay... Better ones in parker place <3 I didnt decorate it... I was playing games!
The portion I got...  
Hahahaha >: D MORE DDR! too bad we didn't know how to worked it and wasted $ TT^TT 

Oh yea! We saw a giant PIKACHU! <3  and took pics with it... we were the oldest ones there lol
 Afterwards, we went to starbucks for a while. I had Hotchocolate.. it had a lot of sugar...
After that we went to Sephora! <3 Hello Kitty!!! OMGS I LOVE IT! I want everything! 
Oh yea.. My hair is also black once again... Like it always had been. My mom bought me this yesterday, she told me to never dye it other than black again... 

Well that is all! I will maybe blog tomorrow since it is... VALENTINE'S DAY <3 hahatobadidonthaveadate.

Lastly, but surely not least! THANK YOU NEW FOLLOWERS <3 <3 YOU GUYS JUST MAKE MY DAY<3 and I love every comment I receive :  D 


addie said...

everyone loved it but you =3=



Anonymous said...

SUPER !!!!!!!!!!!!! The Birthday Party.

NanaChan said...

@Addie Lol >.> I am sure some other people with taste buds dosen't like how it tasted either D: <

@KURUMI Yay! Thank you for commenting :D

addie said...

you're just a picky eater. hmph.

connie said...

Thanks for the blog comment~ ( even though it was a while ago, sorry being so snail like omg ; ____ ; )
but anyways likewise, your blog is super cute too~ & so lucky you have purikura in your cityyyyyy. i am forever jealous haha