Wednesday, February 16, 2011

♥Thank You Followers ♥ + Updates!

Thank you new followers and of course old ones too!!! And thank you for all of the sweet comments! I love reading them all... and it makes me feel happy when I see your comments! Hahaha   

Something new with my blog is that I have added a new page! Basically the page is about me... if there is anymore info you want to know comment it and tell me!   I am no done though... 

Also I am planning to have a giveaway sometime in March or April for thanking my followers.  I am a little short on money so it will take some time... Haha Sorry... but it will happen sometime soon... or not. I am planning the giveaway to be gyaru themed   ... Since this blog is mostly about gyarus. Suggestions on the gifts is wanted and apperciated, I am planning to make it worth about $50 + After all I am really grateful for my followers. Thank you so much.   

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