Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mitsumi's First Giveaway~!

Waaa~ : D Recently I stumbled upon someone's blog and found a give away I FELL in LOVE With!~ <3
... It may have something to do with the  fox tail... that i desperately want but cannot afford, or the way that everything is so ADORABLE!

But anyways...

The important thing... is to... Visit this site!
These are the prizes...

♥ Big Fox Tail
♥ Coco Lulu / Co & Lu Tote Bag
♥ Duck barrette
♥ Black cross necklace
♥ Silver Heart Necklace
♥ Checked hair tie
♥ Upper & Lower Fake Lashes

♥ Rilakkuma Towel in Cup
♥ Cow-Heart mobile strap with pearls & a small ribbon
♥ Small Strawberry bag

♥ Blue Rose hair tie
♥ 3 cute Ribbon hair pins
♥ Flower earrings

♥ Glitter Teddy I got from an UFO Catcher
♥ Sweets pencil
♥ Strawberry mobile strap
♥ NANA 7 Watch [Shibuya 109-2]

Well I guess that is all for now.. I was trying to take pictures of myself.. but I noticed how oily my skin is right now and gave up... <3 New posts soon!  Thank you for the new followers and the comments <3 I read all of them and feel really happy! Thank you so much!


Mutsumi said...

Thanks for entering ♥ Good luck

NanaChan said...

Your welcome :D