Thursday, July 8, 2010

Overwelmed with FOOD!!!

I meant to put this on a longgg time ago, but I guess I kept forgeting! This was like about 2 weeks ago? Maybee? It have been sooo much fun!!! *smiles* But I spend soo much money... eating and having fun.

On Monday, I went with me and my friend Katie and Kim to Metro +Aberdeen for facetrade. When we got there at like 9 something, all the shops were closed... expect one... The game area!!! So we took purikura!!!
Maria 2 was the machine, it is old i think..
This is our poses, my fat head keeps getting in the way...
Yay!!! My first youtube vid!!! : D I am very proud of it :)!
I forgot to record the decorating part, because I was so into it :D
Surprisingly, we could change hair colors and eye colors too in this one, I was looking for it for a really long time :) but the machinese here are so old D: If anyone knows any new purikura place in vancouver please tell me : D I will be so grateful
This is how the pics turned out to be:

Katie + Kimmy Burger Looks so cute :D
Katie was cutting the stickers while I DDRed :D I am so lazy hahahaha : )

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