Sunday, June 20, 2010

Popteen July 2010 Overlook Contuined~

I remeber I promised that I would upload it a long time ago!!! Now I am fullfilling my promise!!! Haha!
The Gals are showing us how to do the hair and make up from their pictures in their blogs!
Okarie's Hair Tutorial! Perfect for short hair!
I like the Mini Hat!!! So cute!!!
Simple but sexy make up!
Hikari is so adorable! She looks like a kitty!
The popular bangs that can be seen recently everywhere on Popteen!
If you are a student! These are the cosmetics you may carry!
I rember I used to use the peg for noses too! But you should use it when you are little, it works better! That is why some ppl think my nose is fake, because normally asain's don't have pointy noses.
Liz Lisa's France styled clothing!!! I really like the flower pattern.
Diets are for summer time!!!
Thisss is soo Kawaii!!! <3 Popteen did a section on lovers... Hehehehe.. Now I want to have a boyfriend to take purikura with.... I almost cried when I saw this...
Promise rings are so cute!
I remeber I saw a couple like this in Aberdeen!
Bubble tea <3
I think this is all for today! There is a lot of pictures, I dont want your computer to crash.. Also my computer is getting slow.


† мonica-аi † said...

Thanks for the follow <3

connie said...

Goodness, those are all such cute hairstyles~ ; a ;
It's really awesome seeing more models with the two-toned hair coloring~ I love that XD

So I kind of just now saw the comment you left on my blog asking about which deco kit I prefer (god, i'm so slow getting back to you D: sorries) but anyways, I really like the Princess Kitty Rose one best :3 At first I was between buying either that or the Ribbon kit, but decided on Rose at the end 'cause the big pink ribbon from the Ribbon kit looked like it wouldn't fit on my phone...? .____. Plus, I think the strawberries in the Ribbon/Sweets kit look kind of cheap, haha >< Soooo if I were you, I'd get the Rose one~ it's pretty awesome XD

Na- Chan said...

@ connie
yes i really like the two tone hairstyles too :D i really like it
and yes :D i like both the rose and the kitty, but i still cant dedide, ty for replying to my commnet though :D

Anonymous said...

Pleasant Post. This enter helped me in my college assignment. Thanks Alot