Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Popteen June 2010 Overlook Contuined!!!

Hehe Here is to pick up where we left off! Btw.. Today I also ate a lot too... So if there is like a way to make a person not overeat tell me!!!

Anyways... Let's start!

Woawww!!! Popteen Cooking lessons! Hahaha. I will pick some that I like, perhaps all?

Here are some rice balls, from the expert herself!!! Wait... Somehow I am looking at food again...

Food to make to share with your friends!

Omgs! Kawaii!!! Perfect for showing off... Hahaha

Food to share with your darling!!! <3 If you have one. Haha, I don't, I just make food for myself to eat....

How Kumikki does her blush!!!

Some other model's way to do blush <3

KYAA!!! Tsubasa is featured in Popteen!!! This is her what she has in her purse!

And what Kumikki has in hers!

Let's not forget my other most adored model! Shiina!!! <3

Top 3 music listened by models in thier ipod !

Shiina and her eye make up!

More eye make up!

Woaw, Ke$ha and Popteen <3]

..Popteen is looking for new modelss... I REALLY want to become one too... *sigh*

After my diet, next year, when I am 16 I will try to go into the Taiwanese celeb circle adution... For now, I will dream on...

Thank you reading this. It makes me happy to share my passion with others. *Laughs*

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