Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rants and Happiness In My Life

It is offical now, one day till school is over!!! That is awesome news, but the problem is when I have free time I eat. Like today, I promised myself I wouldn't eat dinner because I am going to drink bubble tea tomorrow, because it has like loads of cals. But today and yesterday.. I still ate a lot!!! I ate like 4 oatmeal bars, a pack of biscuts, a pack of clams, a pack of noodles, and 2 pieces of meat all for dinner!!! That is like one day's worth of food.... *cries* I am so fhat.. If I contuine this I won't be able to wear my new clothes... I hate myself about that.. I need to be determinded about losing weight.. But hey tomorrow is another day right? I just have to work harder.

Something that made me : D smile is that my awesome friend Michelle is making me posters!!! Horray! AND I love her for it! And not only that, she is making me SNSD ones! <3 Normally they are like $15 each here in Canada! Canada is like a place that sucks all your money... oh yea, she is making me 2 too! So that is like $30 worth!!! She is just so sweet <3 Oh yea, my friends are moving too! I have to prepare their gifts for them so I will blog tomorrows lah~ *Sigh* I have to work on my diet...I plan to post before + after pics once summer is over.

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