Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Facebook Shop for Decoden!!! Kawaii Deco Store!!!

This is just a short post... because I ought to get back to cramming... Sooo as a fellow gyaru, you must know the importance of decoden and falsies!!! Yes, I have uncovered a awesome shop!!!
It is the Kawaii Deco store!!!
And guess what? They are hosting a giveaway!!! And of course I would be joining too!!! <3 I love deco items...

This is what they are giving away!

Kawaii Right?

Okay! Back to studying! Peace!

Days Till School is over: 2 days!
Days Till Daddy Comes (plus clothes+ popteen mag) : 2 days!

Oh yea, If you do not know what decoden dw! I plan to post the decodeco volume in summer!!! Muwahs! Love you Gyarus!

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