Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Working Hard on My Diet!!! But Not Workinggg...

Bleh... When I see food, I just want to eat it... ALL!
*sigh* I am such a failureeee... *sinks in a hole*

But, I have to be strong... For my furture Modeling carrer (?)
Afterall, I want my face on Pocky, too!!! Like Kumikki!! *Laughs*

Or on Hair Dyes.. Like Tsubasa! I just love her! *Laughs some more*

Anyways, from now on I will keep trak of my cals.. It is very important!

OMGS! Popteen July is out yesterday!!! The "new girl" made the cover!!! I am so impressed, I can't wait till my dad gives me my magazines! <3 YAY *Extremely Exicited*

I guess that is all for now... I gotta go decide what to eat for dinnerr...
Noodles or Rice? *Laughs*

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