Friday, June 4, 2010

Popsister June 2010 Overlook!!!

For the older gyarus, don't worry! I did not forget about you at all! In fact, I got your Popsister!!! Yayy!!! *cheers* Normally, I wouldn't do this!!! After all, I am still a teen and so I read my beloved Popteen! Sooo, be grateful and enjoy!!!

Guess who made the cover? Tsubasa!!! My idiol!!! Yayy!

When I first saw this I thought!!! Woaw!!! Gyaru Sisters has great sexy style!

Yay!!! Tsubasa and her goods for summer!!! Gyaru Sisters looks so pretty!

Oh yea! Let's not forget to introduce our sister models!

Nails featured in Popsister!

Tsubasa dressed like barbie!

Okay... so sinced I really like Tsubasa... Here are a couple pictures of her!!!

Okayy... I liedd... It is a lott.... But you have to agree with me, she is very cute and gegorus!!!

Wait for the next part tomorrow!!! <3 chus!

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