Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Updates In My Life

I know you guys probably want Popteen July 2010 overlook right now, but I want to read the Chinese one before I read the Jap one, so I have to wait till next fri at the earliest, so don't hate!!! Oh yea, and I maybe getting a new camera too when my dad comes, so then I can take pictures of my life. I don't talk about my life much in my blog, but that will all change!!! For better or for worse I dunnoo.... and in june 18th I will also be getting my online shopped clothes!!! So I can snap pics of them, hopefully! And I am also currently working on my diet. Today I had little self control and ate lots of junk food.. with high cals... but hopefully it is okay because I didnt eat after 5! Haha, but anyways I found a cool pic with kummiki in a swim suit! Her boobs look so big, I think it is the swimsuit that made it look big..
She has a belly ring too.. Maybe I should have gotton one last year when I wanted one...

Hikari is wearing swimsuit too!!! I guess it is really summer/bikini season now.... I really need to loose that fat... *cry*
Her flower is just so cutee...
*Yawn* I am really tired now... so I guess I will sleep.
Good nite everyone!!!
Oh yea, btw I keep having werid dreams, yesterday I saw my Taiwainese friend in my school doing para para with me... and I acutally danced it well, like extremely well.  I guess I really miss them. I guess some part of me wants to go back to Taiwain and like the rest want to stay, because If I leave I will miss my awesome friends here.
*sigh* life is hard.. when you are 15...

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