Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday was a busy day!!!

Hello Gyarus!!! Yay!!! School is now offically over! I won't have to see it until I go to summer school again...
Bye school!!!
At the last P.E. class, we went to green.. uhh.. a forest to be active!
So me and my friends decided to play cards to make our brains active.

I either won or lost the game so I was taking pictures!
Yay!!! This is me! My first apparence!
I look so awesome in my P.E. outfit. *laughs*
Me doing the Kumikki/ Kumicky Pose!!!
I am such a cam hog.

Okay, anyways afterschool, me and my friends went to kareoke! But we didn't know it dosen't open until 4! So we had bubble tea first.
My gambeling friends *laughs*
I got a red bean milk slush with no sugar! It was soo yummy!!!
We had cream puffs too. Thanks to mommy! She gave me and my friends free ones!!! I ate like 3!
After that we went to the kareoke place and the owner lady was really nice and gave us 10 extra mins.
The red lighting makes me look evil. Muwahahaha.

Later that day, me, my mom and my sister went to the airport to pick my dad up.
While we were waiting... this caught my eye!!!
Live King Crab!!!! Omgs... I really want to eat it!

After like about one hour wait, my dad camee!!! Yay!!! I missed him so much... I thought I got used to it after 4 years... but no.

When we got home, my dad got me like a suitcase of clothing!!! YAY!!! I LOVE YOU DAD!! I was going to take pics of it, but then I though, I am going to wear them anyways so I didn't.. (I was not lazy)
My dad got me these stationary too!!!
I also a matching pencil case with a notebook!!! I am going to put my Purikura in it!!!
He also got me my popteen in Chinese!!! YAY!!! *smiles*

And that is all for Firday it was really fun! :D

Today, I woke up and had this!!!
Taiwainese Raman with shrimps and eggs on it!!! It was so yummy..

For Lunch/ Dinner!!! Our family went shopping for a crab!! We were going to go out and eat but my dad wanted to cook crabs at home! So we went and got 2 crabs!
Oh yea, I swear I heard the crabs talking in thier crab language. They were like tap, tap, tap. Oh yea, and when we were cooking them, they lifited the lid... It was scaryyy..
Yay!!! After the cooking is done!!! It looks so yummy!!!
Chomp chomp..
For desert, we had red bean soup!
Pocky!!! Junk food.. I also drank Strawberry Orange Juice.

That was all for today!


Komachi said...

Hey! I read your Blog since... yesterday :D
Really like it!! <3 I love Popteen - especially Kumikki and Tsubasa - too ^_^

And: You lied! You're not fat! :D

starber said...

You aren't fat Christina! I love the pictures! YUM RED BEAN SOUP :D Update soon!

Na- Chan said...

Omgs thank you so much!!! Hahahaha.. Lol thank you so much <333