Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Popteen June 2010 Issue Overlook!

Lol... I ended up eating a lot as usual anyways... BIG Faill... I am probably going to die as a fat ass..

but anyways on the lighter note! Lets look at Popteen June 2010! I know Popteen July is already outt but it is June right now and I really want to do this so here it is!!! Some pictures of what I liked and what not! Click on the pics to make it larger!

Guess who made the cover again? Kumikki! I know a lot of gyarus are like "OMGS!!! It is her again on the cover. *HATE* " but I really LIKE her, she is so impressive for a 19 year old!

I really like this oufit! *Laughs* I hope I have enough self control on my diet to wear this...

Kyaaa! No.1 Popular eyelashes among Japanese IS DOLLY WINK BY TSUBASA!!! EEKK yay! ( I am so worked up.. probably sweated off 1 pound..)

Here are the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place! <3

Woaw! I guess floweral pattern is really in this year! Haha, So cutee!

Kumikki again <3 Kawaii!

Liz Lisa! Really Popular Brand, I really want some of their clothes too!

Things to do with a banadana! How cool...

Ooooo It is the new girl!!! Shiina Hikari, dosen't she look like Misa from Death Note? It is wayy cute! And she is not overly skinny <3

Another Kumikki Pic

Oh My!!! Shiina Got her own little page on what she did this month! I seriously think I am in love with her! She is so adorable!

I guess that is all for now.. I don't want to crash anyone's computers! Catch You guys later with more July Popteen! <3 Muwahs!

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