Monday, June 14, 2010

Gal Circle In Vancouver

Recently, I have been introduced to Gal Circles!!! Andd... guess what!?! I am soo wannnta join one... But before that happens. What is a Gal Circle? It is a group of gals that meet up and hang together! But!!!! Obviously, you have to be a Gyaru Gal <3! I think I will join one when I am 16 and working and that is in like 6 or 5 more months!!! So I have some money to spend!!! Also I have to learn how to wear falsies or get eyelash extensions... Whatever comes first. Hahaha, of course have to I diet too... me is so fhat... but good news, today was a total YAY success!!!!

I ate....
Yougurt x 2
Egg x1
Apple x1
Veggies x 3 cups
Mushies x 2 cups
Meat x 2 slice
Oh yea, I decide to write down what I eat from now on so I can shame myself if i eat too much...

Days Till School is Over: 4 days
Days Till My Daddy Comes (Along with my goodies): 4 days

Since I don't want to make this a boring post! I now add some flavor to it! Oh yea, I am going to learn ballet again when school starts again. I quit like 6 years ago, but NOT ANYMORE! I will be a graceful girl!!!

Enough blabing! FuN pIcS tImE!

Kumikki comming back form China!!! In the airport!!!
Shiina and other PopGirls... Me is so jealous. I want to be a model, learn Japanese, and live in Japan so bad...
Oh yea, I totally forgot to post the Popteen pics... I will post it soon okies?

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Oreo said...

I live in Vancouver too! > <
I think I know what gal cir ur talking about. (Though u may have already joined since this entry is pretty old.)
I can't really get used to applying fake lashes since I'm so clumsy with my fingers and I heard that eyelash extensions can really damage your lashes. What did you end up using?
Nice post btw. <3