Sunday, June 13, 2010

Popteen July 2010!!! Overlook

Yay!!! Popteen July 2010 is here Gyarus!!! I tried to change my blog background but NO LUCK!!! If anyone knows how just tell me > w <.

On the cover there is both Kumikki and Hikari!!!

The theme is chinese dresses!!! So cute!!!
They performed in someplace in China for the first time...
KYAAA!!! Pop festival!!! Popteen is 30 years old, and the begining of Popsister!!!
I so wanna goo... *cry*

Summer is here! Festival Outifts!
KT collection!
It seems like wearing socks with heels are big right now...
Make up +Hair
On the left-and corner is a forigner!!! New Popgirl Model.
Omgs!!! Oakire's Phone deco!!! I know where to buy it!!!
Kyaa!! Popgirls are so adorablee...

Clothes that are cute!
Popgirls+Popteens in art form!!!
Kumikki went to a wig shop this month.
Hikari went and got her hair done.
Okarie and her HK room!
The forigner.. hmm.. she is only 13... popgirl at 13... but she is still young and new so she isn't featured much. I think i only saw her 3 times in Popteen
A GUY? in popteen? what does this mean!!!!

Okayyy.... hmmm... I guess that is all for today! Hair tutorials next time!!! Byess~!
But a guy in Popteen? There are so many new models comming in now, or maybe I just didn't notice before... Hmmmm...


Lisianthus said...

Suuuuuuuuuuuuper cute scans!!!
Thank you <33 I loved them.

公主 ( Gōng Zhǔ) said...

Haha!!! Your welcome

starber said...

The new pop teen (the eurasian one) looks a bit funny. Looks more cauasian than asian. You look cuter !!! :DDDD

Na- Chan said...

No way man! On monday I will show u the popteen one which introduces her.

Komachi said...

The Foreigner-Model looks like some famous western model.. but I can't come up with a name >_<

Do you know the name of this new popteen-model??
OMG, she is sooo young!

Na- Chan said...

:D her name is rina carolina (i dunno how to spell the sceond part)