Monday, June 7, 2010

Popsister Overlook Contuined!!

I am very happy about my food intake today!!! YAY!!! Oh yea, Nancy, if you are reading this please tell Aron I joined his blog and tell Sandy to add me to the people who can read her blog! Okay, anyways! Back to Popsister!!!
Gyaru Sisters!!! I guess you guys are mature so you guys get the stirped clothings!
Thoese hats are so adorable!!! I just love it!!!

More fashion for Gyaru Sisters!

The popular floral pattern for sisters!!!

More Happy Fashion!!!
Tsubasa and her make up!!!
With her dolly wink eyelashes and the candy doll she is advertising for!!!!

Woaww!!! I want the socks!!! So cute!!!

Woaw!!! Tsubasa has her own clothing line too.... Geez, I love her!!!
I guess that is all for now! but, dw!!! Tomorrow we will have some hair tuts.
Man, Popsister is just full of info!!!!

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