Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Popsister Overlook Contuined!!!

As I promised, today is hair tutorial from popsister day!!!! Muwahahahaha!!! Yea, I am in a good mood. I ate beef today even though I am algeric to it... I hope I don't get sick again from it.. Now that I think about it, my throat kinda hurts.... hmmm... That is what happens before I get a fever... hmm... *deep in thought* Oh yea, my sister's friend is in my house too. It made my house more girly!!! <333 Yay!!! And the better news is that my brother isn't home... yet!

Well anyways!!! Popsister hair tutorial time!!!
Easy Look For long geogorus hair!!! I want her hair...

I like the braids!!! It makes you hair pop!
Omgs! The one with the ribbion and the piggi tails are so cutee!!!
This hair feels very tsubasa to me... hmm....
I wish I could do different hair everyday!!! Too bad I wake up at 7:30 and goes back to sleep at 7:40 after I get prepared for school then sleep till 8:00 and eat my breakfast on the car... Hmmm.. maybe I shouldnt be so lazy
Favorite in this one is the one with the hair band!!! So cute!!
I love all her hair styles!!!
Hats seem really popular and needs to go with ur hairstyle in summer!!!
More cute stuff!!!
Ahhh~ The cap is so cute <3333
Bun hair is really popular too!
The pony tail is so cute!!!
Well that is all for now!!!
I shouldn't have eaten that beef, my throat hurts like F!


starber said...

love the hair tutorials ! I wish I had long hair like those girls *____*
** saved pictures **

Dou- Dou said...

Haha!!! Glad you love them!!! and me 2..