Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Popteen August 2010 Overlook

I haven't post a overlook for like sooo long, so here is Popteen August 2010! I call this a Overlook, but I think I am explaining the whole magazine.... hmmm... Oh yea, btw, thank you everyone who subbied to me :D I am super happy : ) You made my miserable day... *cries*

Okay, here is the Popteen August 2010 Overlook!!!

Kana Nishino made the cover!!! The currently very popular singer right now : )!!!

Pop festival!!! I want to go so bad : ( , too bad I can't... I am stuck in canada : (.. I wonder when I can go back....

Everytime I see this, I just feel like crying... I wish was Japanese and living in Japan so I can be a popmodel too!

Rina Carolina is in the horoscope page, she looks like a real kid on this page!

Dunno why but Kumicky looks cuter dosen't she?

Summer styles : )   I think she looks a bit more mature now :D
Hottest Cute Items from the 109 shop :D
Apparently they are having a big discount!!! :D I so wanna go to Japan and shop....

Thoese are all so cute, there are more, but these i really like!!!
Nana and Kumikki Introudes the Kawaii Style for Gals :D
Bikinis for summer!!! :D Hahaha, they are so skinny. I wanna be skinny like Kumikki too!

Next time :D Will be about Beach Hairstyles! Thank you for reading this!!!

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