Sunday, July 3, 2011

PopSister August 2011 Isuue Overlook~! Super Long + Pic Heavy!

   Yay~ So.. this month Tsubasa made the cover of PopSister with her Milky Bunny!! : D : D I was going to point out all the cute stuff and points I like with my tablet... but I forgot I packed it for moving! D:  < So This will have to make do~!

Yay~! Tsubasa on Cover<3 I love her!

I really like the make up on her~! It stands out and feels summery!

Tsubasa and her Milky Bunny Stage!

CD will be comming out on June 20th~!


Tsubasa in studio!

Filiming MV!

Q and A of Bunny Days!

Popsister style! The Middle Top Model Caught my attention~! To me this feels more casual than Popteen!

The vintage look is really making a comeback this year... Yui is so pretty~!

I think I saw Lena wearing that outfit in Vivi!

Cute styles~! ^^ My favorite Ank Rouge gives off a dolly style!

Movre PopSister Style!

I really like the Mickey Mouse Dress!

This is what girls in Japan are wearing on the streets!

Tsubasa advertisting stones that are supposedly to bring fortune!

So cute~! Also I love the braided hair!

Some Tops style!

I really like shirts at the moment...

Shoes for summer! The pink plaid ribbion one is so cute~!

Seems like wooden wedges are always popular during summer and spring!

Circle lenses for different types of eyes!

How to make double eyelids!

Best eyelashes for different eyes!

Eye Make!

Different eyeliners!

Wow, guy from your beautiful... I didn't know you were popular in Japan too...

Yui's desigins~! Pretty style!

Lovely~! < 3

Well, that is all for now.. hehehehe~! Popsister is so cute~! ^^ I hope I didn't bore you... with my comments!


Mickey said...

Thank you so much for scans.
Jang Geun Suk is in it to.

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starber said...

hehe I recognize a model sun wei ^___^ i watched a lot of those models on tv !!!

Joey said...

Thank you for the scans!! I love youuuuuu

PopBlush said...

Thanks for the mag scans~

PopBlush said...

Thanks for the mag scans~

Lina Kim ♥ said...

aweee, thanks for the scans!!! totally love it, too bad I can't read japanese >.< huhuhu

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the scans! :)