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Missy K's Weekend!

May 26th, 2011 8:19 pm

Hiy'all! ^^ Just finished the first volume of a manga in, like, 7 months! It's called " Me and My Brothers"! iF Masashi was in Super Junior, he'd be HeeChol... > - < In the end of the volume, there was a bonus manga.

A girl confesses to a boy and it ends up he likes her , too... >///< I kinda wished my confession would be like that... But sunebae and I aren't that close... > - <

Wow... Almost everything I talk about is Sunebae... ♥ (Nana: Yes, it is...)

 Back to Math~

May 28, 2011 12:35 om

  Ah~! ♥ Just finished my Saturday morning math lesson... I told you I have Math with a passion, right? Yea... >:|

  I'm so hungry! >.< I forgot to pack a lunch. I. Need. Some. K. Pop. I'm sorry ... I have disappointed all of you...

  I must confess to you all. There's a time in every girls' life that she must confess her sins... I have an addiction. Before you all go hay-wire and crap, remeber that I love you all. Thought I don't know any of you personally. I am very thankful to all those that have read Nana- unnie's Blog. She is some one that I love enough to die for. Unnie, did I ever tell you that in a bad situation, I'd die for your survival? > < (OMG, I sound lesbo now... nbd) You have made my life wonderful, Unnie (this is when you blink and shead a tear) (Nana: I already am... You mean a lot to me too >///< Hahaha and I am flatered.. I am not all that great...) Please keep loving Nana zhe-zhe, okie?
  Pregnant. Marijuana. Thievery. Prostitue. I'm none of that. (Got you there, didn't I? :D) No, it's something much worse. I crave it every hour, I hunger for it in my sleep. Every morning, I wake to it's sweet sound and every night I fall asleep with its Estasy sunny mind. Do you want to know what it is? I can't focus on my studies (thus doing the same math question wrong.) Having so little money, I do everything I can to get even bits of it. Are you leasning off your chair yet? I must confess... I'm addicted... to

  Ohmigawd, my nose is plugged. I got home from tutoring (x1) this morning, went to do some photocopying and then my throat got itchy and my nose started running. Ugh~

  I saw Sunbae alone, yesterday. Shoot, I forgot to ask him what he got on the provincial. I barely see him alone. Especially when it's only us in the hall. I waved and smiled at him. He smiled back and wouln't stop waven, even when I finished. He looked a bit annoyed, I think... Weird... I hope he knows I still like him. Very much... (Are you annoyed, yet? XD)
    K-Pop. That's what. (You can tell I'm bored)

May 29, 2011

  Hiya~! ♥ I'm kinda bored... I'm at competiton training, but we're having a lunch break.

  >.< WTF is wrong with me?! I'm having a sad day, but it's so beautiful today! So sunny and a nice wind is blowing~. But for some reason. I'm really missing Sunebae today... Depression mode today.

  My officer is mispronouneing "Ngo" = = 6

   I am having a bad say. Sh*bal.

May 30th, 2011 11:54 am

  Aiyah~ My eyes are puffy... I was crying last night. Yesterday, I talked to my dad for the first time in about seven, eight months? I don't remeber. I don't cound. I was trying to see if her remebered it was my birthday last year, but he never sent me an email. So I thought he forgot. On the phone yesterday, I asked him what day I was born and he said July 11th.

  I'm born on *bleep* *bleep* . He dosen't even remeber the day that I was brought into this world.

  Seeing as it is, I got emotional and started crying.

  He left my mother and I in Grade 8. He said he was going on vacation, but when we went to the airport to pick him up, it appeared he was never on the flight back. So we tried to call and locate him... And then we firgured he didn't want to come back. Everything seemed to get better when he was still here.

  My dad got his semi- trailer truck lisence, my mom got a job at home... Everything seemed to be getting so much better. Then he just left without telling... What a troll. TROLL. (in the dungeon! Thought I'd let you knw! )

  So yea. My life has been... pretty harsh since then... There were times when there was no food to eat... I bought clothes from thrift stores (mind you, they were brand new)... My mom worked really hard. REALLY hard. I'm forever greatful to her.

  I never told anyone, just that my dad isn't living with my mom and I anymore.

  It was terrible some nights when I cried myself to sleep, thinking my dad didn't want me so much that is able to just leave me. It's pretty sad when someone significant like a fater dosen't want you or to take care of you anymore...

  But life stiill has to go on. And I'm still here, more proud than ever. I get straight 93% + (expect for physical education... = = '''), and I'm in Cadets. I have wonder friends from around the world, and a school that's accept me. I have a beautiful mother that loves me. Compared to a lot of others, I am extremely and cruelly so much more fortunate. I believe so.

  But sometimes, sh*t happens, and you have to find a way to deal with it. Life dosen't care who you are, what you have, and what you can do. It's there , and it will always try to get in your face. *sigh*

  My double eyelid turned into a tripe eyelid.... Yuck.

2:17 pm
  Yay~ I just created my own blog! ♦ : D ♦ Hehehehe... Unnie, you inspired me, yet again... (Nana: Haha... You had to take your own first steps.)

  My other friend was reading this book yesterday : ♦ she loves it~ I told her to follow the blog, but she's too lazy to... She's obessed with Tumblr... = = a

  ^^ I will obviously keep this collaboration with Nana- chan's Blog! The other one is just a freelance blog that I'll update now and then about random stuff... Like K-Pop~! Come and spazz with me at my!!! Hehe... I just created it so I have no followers.. .:(

  I had an awesome dream... I dreamt that I was going out with Sunbae, and he came with me to Cadets! He was holding my hand... (Me and my fantasies...) And then this kid name Liam returns to Cadets... = = ''''

  Liam's a kid in grade 3 (?) that had this major crush on me last year... It was so werid! He'd try to hold my hand and my waist, and followed me around everywhere! >;O That's reserved for Sunbae! *drool*

  So in my dream, Liam saw me holding hands with sunbae XD and he screamed! Like a girl. And then he tried to get me "back" by chasing me and grabbing onto me... Sunbae to the rescure! : D ♥ He told the kid to back off and stop bothering me! >///< It was amazing! ♥

  Amazingly fantastical... = =

  At least Liams gone from Cadets since September I was so scared he'd be back. He was extreme stalkish (sotra) that I had to ask my closest guy friend to pretend that we were going out when he goes to Cadets... For safety (and diginity) purposes, my namja-chingu's identity will be kept secret.
  "Namja" means male, "chingu" means friend. Together, it could mean  " friend that is boy" or ,literally, boyfriend. But in this case, I mean it as "male friend"
  "Male" ? Dunno if.. nevermind! :p

3:04 pm

  I currently trying to finish my math homework. I will be gone on June 3rd for a First Aid completition with my Cadets~! Have you ever heard of St. John Aubulance? Can't wait! : D

  Wedding Peach Is such a cute manga! It’s by the same creator of Sailor Moon! And the storyline is pretty similar… I think they’re the same creators…. You should try it out! Kawaii~~~ ♥ > v <

Since I am writing so much today, I won’t be writing for about 2 or 3 days… If I can help it… I’ve already written 7 ½ pages back to back! Yay! *clap clap*


OMG… Today, I went to the mall to get a pair of dress shoes for the dance after competition… There was this amazingly gorgeous guy in the dollar store… Ohmigawd, he looks like Kim Bum, the beautifully, gorgeously handsome Korean actor… I did a double- take… He still looks like Kim Bum… His hair is kinda long… and OMG, his friends are also gorgeous, too! :O Too bad I was walking with my mom. If I was with Nana-unnie, I would’ve pointed them out, and we would’ve hung out at the dollar store… : D ♥ Wae Momma sho strict? TT ^ TT

I’m trying to finish writing my speech… I was writing for three and a half hours… I will post it on my personal blog, since it isn’t appropriate for Nana-chan’s blog. But I’m sure you will cry. I’m not done yet.

Unnie you’ll have a lot to type in spare… (Nana: Hahahaha I never do anything in spare…)

Cheongmal saranghaminida, chingu! ^^♥ Wo Ai Ni!!! Ai ni, Ai ni! Daesuki-deso, miinah! ♥ Oh jok~! > 3 < (She’s got 4 ½ pages to type. She’s gonna need all the love she can get~!)


Our class got a 61% average on our radioactivity test… He told us that that’s the worst average for this test ever… yet, our class is the class with the most A’s ever… Ironic… = = It’s all good, cuz I got 100%.. I’m nerdy… O.o

Sensei sounds like he has a cold today…  poor guy. He’s a pretty chill teacher.

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