Monday, May 30, 2011

Busy, busy!

How are you doing lately? : D Me, I am so tired.... Hahahaha... I have been doing so much things lately.... Mostly having fun and hanging out!!! But sometimes when you hang out too much it is really tiring!

Something really sad that happened to me this week is that.... My beloved DS broke! I dunno how... but a pink link part broke off! D:< I think I learned my lesson about being careful... haha! I am kinda mad at the person who I think broke it.. but this is just a piece of plastic so there is no point... Haha... (And that person does not read my blog... anyways, so he won't know...)

I found bath bombs that have toys in them! Haha! I love it! I bought 3 as you can see... One for my friend in Korea <3 and the other two for my siblings! 

 This is what the back looks like!

This is also a studying thing I got for my friend in Korea, since she said she needs to study a lot.... 

Later that day, My sis used that bath bomb! Hahaha my sis holding it! She said she loves it!

This is the bath ball fizzing away... It was quite fun to watch.. The water got dyed pink!

Haha... we got a pink frog!

Haha, this is my outfit for today!

Oh yea, recently I bought a jump rope too! For fitness!

Recently, I am really into clips so I bought this! Isn't it cute?

Oh yea, I also bought this the other day! I never used it before, so maybe I will do a review about it hahaha!

Well, that is all for today I guess! Recently, I found a person I really trust... Haha... I told her about who I like and stuff, and how I am confused... Than in the end, we finally came to a conclusion that I don't really like anyone! Haha... Because if I really liked him... uhh.. I dunno how to explain, but anyways.... Yea she is like a kind of friend who you can talk to and when you don't talk at all it isnt awkward! Haha... she dosn't read my blog... so she dosen't know that I am saying all these~! Might as well ^ ^ !

Oh yea, Anyways! I want a new camera, so is there any suggestions? Or should I get a cell phone that is a camera ( like digital cameras, but there is a cell phone feature too! ).. it is more expensive but it is worth it!

Lately, I have also being eyeing some clothes! Ill tell you what they are later! : D  


addie said...

this is why i don't lend things out or let anyone touch my stuff lol.

GG ;)

Anonymous said...

yo mang. never touch your DS :)
but wanna skip rope? woot.

mimi said...

The clip is so cute!~ (: Sorry about your DS! D: awwwww!~ I have the white one XD

Mutsumi said...

Nice haul ♥ wish I could get Japanese goods somewhere close...ugh.
I read about those bath balls with toys before *______* I want to try one, too!!!!

Joey said...

Oh those bath bombs have toys in them? How cute! I only use the ones from Lush, not as fun :(

Kerous said...

That's too bad about your DS.
Those bath bombs are so cute!

starber said...

OMG Christina did I break it?????? OMG D:

Kawaiiberri92 said...

so cute love the bath bombs where did u get them >u< gah i wish they sold those things were i live