Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Summer, the season of love is coming ~! And so many of my friends want to fall in love! Haha, but anyways... Recently I have been addicted to this otome game!
Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side First Love Plus!
It is so fun, but I didn't get any guy endings yet....

Playing this game made me realize why people want to fall in love, it feels really nice when people care for you! It also makes me think that maybe I would want to have that special person too... but the problem is there is also a lot of difficulties in a relationship... so I feel like man, I should just chill... And also I just want to enjoy my life as it is now... lying on the floor playing my DS, eating snacks, reading magazines/manga, and looking at hot guy pictures (occasionally)...Oh yea, and did I forget to mention... that real guys are not like story book guys at all!..... I wish they were but they are not! (Learned that in Grade7...) 

 Recently, I realized that I want to get closer to people... but I feel shy towards people I like >///< (even girls)... so things get awkward... haha... and I can't find anything to talk about... I wish I was more interesting.. Right now I really wished I could turn into my "would-be" self. (Yea.. I have been reading Shugo Chara latelyy..! )
Okay that is enough feeling sorry for myself and making excuses!!!
That was my confession... kinda...
Sorry for leaving a bitter feeling! 
Starting from right now! I will improve! : D 

For my dear friends: Secret 1 revealed! You ask why I always smile and is never sad, but the truth is that I am very emotional and often get sad, like when you talk about secrets and exclude me or when you seem happy talking in a group but I am too scared to interrupt. I always smile because what kind of friend would I be if I was selfish all the time.. and I have friends that I feel happy being with! 

Oh yea, if your sad listen to this song! You will cry, but it is worth it! It is really touching and encourages me!

Lol I am acting so weird today!!!.. Hahaha.. Tomorrow, tomorrow I will be better! Thank you people who read my blog every now and then, it really encourages me that people really care about what I say.. I feel like I really matter somewhat. Sometimes, you guys are the only things that cheers me on! 
Something I drew to cheer myself up!
Oh yea, I also removed my music player! Somepoeplefounditannoying... so you should just enjoy your music!


Kawaiiberri92 said...

awww don't worry sometimes im like that too hahaha and ya guys aren't like anime/manga at all makes me jealous of the girls in the anime/manga that get such nice treatment, but there are nice guys in the real world too so you still have time to find one >uO~ no rush

and hahaha I love Shugo Chara well the manga and first season of the anime lol

Anonymous said...
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나니 said...

I gotta say that being in love is the most amazing and the most TERRIBLE feeling EVER at the same time >_<" It messes up your rationalism, track of thought, concentration, emotions in general - everything is just whirled together into this huge pan of AMAZINGNESS. lol. It's really hard to explain.. I loved being in love - but you get addicted to the feelings very quickly, so it hurts like a motherf* when you sense it passing and not remaining as intense forever.