Friday, May 27, 2011

Blog Name Change! ! !

Hello! It is Nana again... I changed the blog name... because Missy K and me are both here now... but I will still do what I used to do... What do you guys think of the new name? I am also typing for Missy K today~! Hahaha I love reading your comments, thank you for taking your time to comment! BUT anyways.... I think we will be updating our blog everyday now! (Is that good news?) It is funner to blog when you have companion ♥ ! Anyways, Missy K will start with her post first!

May, 25, 2011 12:09 pm

Missy K's Post for Today!

  I'm writing in Science class... We're going over parts of an ecosystem... The teacher is talking...
  Sunebae's good friend is in my class. It is so awkward when I talk to him, but he's really nice so it's all good.

  I love it when FOB's speak. It is so cute!!! >///< They take a long time to find the right words! I love broken English! ^^ 

  Oh yea! I read some of the comments on the blog! ♥ v ♥ I'm soooooo(o x 13891) happy! Hehehe... I'm not "cute"! (You're suppose to say, "YES, YOU ARE!" right about now) (Nana: Yes I was... but you said it first! ) So " sunebae" means senior! You'd call someone (like a student) that's older than you "sunbae"! Unnie is what a girl would call her old sister or a close girl friend that's older! Dongsaeng is what you call someone close to you that's younger (like younger siblings).!

7:25 pm

  :( My mom took away my music player because I did the same math question wrong three times apparently (It's actually a phone with no plan that my mom dosen't use anymore. = = ) Well, who the hell does that? She also said that I'm not allowed to go out with friends, go to birthday parties, or do anything fun this summer because of making the same mistakes three times.  I fricken hate math. With a strong passion. (Nana: This is like how I hate French.)
So I'm in the rebel mode. My mom just came in asking me to pull out some of her white hair. I simply said no becasue "I'm studying for my Science finial exam." Not. I'm writing in a diary. Deal with it. This pen is annoying me. I think I left the other pen in the library, I hope I find it!
Hehe... I saw sunbae today! : D He's sooo handsome like usual! Did I tell you about the two scars on his face? * flips page* Yes, I did... > . < Ohm did I tell you he's tall? x v x *drool* *wipes down paper* Yup...\

  A few years ago, I went to the state of Oregon in the US for the summer.. My "aunt" (It's "ajuma" in Korean, ahem- hem) bouthgt me a mimi wire angel holding some flowers and a cross. I'm not Christina or Catholic, but I wish upon it a few times! It is so pretty! Do you want me to post a picture of it? ^ o ^ So before I asked him out, I asked the angel to help me! You need all the luck you can get in these situations, right? (Nana: Yepss...) Oho- ho- ho! ~ v~

  I've decided to give him a shell my mom brought back from Vietnam. So this is how I'm gonna do it; I find him alone (I shy away when he's with his friends... v TT-TT a) I ask him to sign my yearbook (like.a.boss), and then I fish out the shell to give him! I'm planning to stuff a piece of paper in the shell in it saying "Thank you. Kamsahamnida~! See you soon! ^^'' Heeheehee... Unnie, what do you think? I'm clinging to much to him, right! > ^ < (Nana: Yeps.. I think you should make guys work for you... ) But I think I'm obsessed... Why you so obsessed wit me?... Boy I wanna know! XD

  I think I'm writing too much. Unnie's hands are going to get tired. Just a bit more.
  TT^TT I cant listen to Fiction by Beast! It's really good! OMGS!!! I love the orchestra version! You're on Blogger! Click on a new tab, type in the adress box, and serch "Fiction Beast Music Video" Click on the channel owner thats called beastoffical or somthing like that. Um-kay. I'm finished. (Nana:I added the MV on the bottom... to save you time...)

 ... I'm hungry . ____. Oh, I forgot, "oppa" is what a girl calls an older guy that's close to ther, or what she would call her boyfriend. Girls usuallly call this to her Idiols too!

... It's raining... -_______-

  Hey!!! I'm back! :D I just finished excerising with this rotation plate thingy-mikjiger-bohbher... You stand on it, twist your core, and the inner plates while the outer plates keeps you steady...

  I currently weight like, (*uses ninja skills to go weight herself) 116.5 pounds with clothes on. So that'll be
like 114.5 pounds.... I wanna be 108 pounds by July... That's a goal.

 Did you know I'm in cadets? : D

 Never play Final Fantasy on your DS until 12:40 am, okay? Or a games... It's not smart. If this is how a hangover feels like, I'm never drinking.

 Unnie-ah, I know T.O.P's all hot and handsome and extremely tall and sexy and stuff, but you don't need to tell the whole French class.. ^ v ^ Wo Ai Ni~ ♥ (Nana: Hahaha, I love you too ♥)

      I hate this love song!
Listening to Popsicle's "Love You Till The End~!

So that was Missy K's day... Now my turn so... uhh.. yea...

This is what I drew for class... Hahaha... The teacher wanted the students to make posters... and he wanted more guys to join, so I drew a cute? girl. I think this one is pretty funny.... Too bad the guy who joins will be dissapoined when he dosen't see the girl...

 A couple days ago... My friend in Korea mailed me back a letter!!! Yay~! I still haven't written back yet... plus I promised my friends I will let them write some words too... so that I will do it by next week... Hahaha

This is so cute... = v =
These are some of the things she gave me: A stickey note, A crayon, and a coin box. I love the coin box ♥ I always wanted one like this! I love the design too! 

I am studying for my drivers test... I am currently on Page 1... The context...

These are the flowers I got sometime ago for my friend... I think I never posted it up..

Isn't it pretty? I really like flowers ♥
Hahaha... I hold the sercets of Missy K's notebook!

I should really sleep early these days... I am really tired hahaha.... Poor sheep! I am lying on it...

 Right now, I am working on an art piece... I love drawing, it is my passion. It is one thing that I really love to do that is productive ♥ ?

As for my take on love, I dunno... I want to fall in love.. but the thought of the whole process is just too complicated...   And it is not like I have one guy that I really like... you know? (Wow.. I sound like a player...) And right now.. I have to help Missy K with her problems... She is so cute... I just don't want her to get hurt.... (I sound like a mother worrying... )

And yea... I think I grew up a bit, don't you think so? Haha...

I used to hate B2st.. but now.. I just don't care anymore... They worked hard to be where they are today.

Happy Birthday! You know who you are ^^!

(Haha..) I don't like to metion people's name here... unless they give me permission to!


Mutsumi said...

Like the new name ♥ && blogging every day is indeed good news!!

To K:
Thank you for explaining the korean words ♥
Oh I hate it when parents are taking away stuff of their children to punish mean, how old are you? 6? No, right? == annyoing
Though it's funny to see that your rebel mode even affects the pen, haha~
Aaah... as well as Nana I really hope you wont get hurt..! Love can be so damn cruel.

To Nana:
Oh, you've got a Korean penpal? Cool ♥ I've got some from Japan, UK & USA ♥
Good luck with the drivers test!!
&& I think your 'sleeping' photo is really cute ♥

Kawaiiberri92 said...

missy : hehehe i like how you say sunbae 선배 you must really look up to this guy cause isn't he in your class? you can call him oppa 오빠 hahaha hopefully you can get close enough to him to be able to call him oppa 오빠 >uO~ 아자, 아자 화이팅 or 파이팅Hwaiting!(Fighting)lol and gah i dont like it when parents do that wow your mom is super strict i mean my parents dont really understand the word being "grounded" but your mom took everything for something kinda dumb

Nana: cutee cutee i wish i had a pen pal lol and gah OoO how could you have not liked B2ST I love <3 Yoseob >3<

sushistar_ryeosomnia said...

Hahahaha!!! Thanks for your comments!!! This is missy k here! ^^
i sure hope i get to be close enough to call him 오빠!!! 언니, 감사합니다!!! 파이팅!!!
Well, i did get to talk to him the other day! In like... 4 months? O.o

Miss R. said...

Getting your L? Does that mean you're Canadian?? I sure hope other countries don't have stupid driving regulations like here...

NanaChan said...

@Mutsumi Haha ty! And yeps! I have a Korean Penpal!

@Kawaiiberri92 : D ahhahaha~ I dunno why, but I just didn't like it for a while....

@Miss R yea... I am Canadian! : D : D Lol and no I don't think anyone else has the same regulations as us... I am sure that in asia it is different!

Anonymous said...

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