Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hello! Nice to Meet You! + Hahaha Short Annoucement!

Hi gals!!! Nana here! So... I have decided to share my blog with my friend! She is one of my best friends, haha I love her so! So from now on please welcome Missy K! : D Huhuhu~ We won't reavel who she is.... due to reasons! We will both blog... Soo how do you know who is Missy K and me? : D We wiill tell you of course! I will make little pictures symbloizing her or me later! So what do you think is this a good idea? ? ? !
I will update this blog with my life later... BECAUSE....

Now, it is Missy K's time!!!!

P.S. She wrote this down so I am typing for her.. Hahaha!

It is actually really intersting if you read it! Please do!

May 23nd, 2011 11:50 pm

Hi there! ^^ How is everyone today? I had a great day!!! Today I went to my friends Birthday Party, and then we went to Langley and watched Pirates of the Carriben 4! XD Awesome movie... 3D is just amazing.. Johnny Depp... XD

Oopps! I'm sorry! I forgot to introuduce myself! (Sorry if I make spelling/grammar mistake... it is pretty late...) (Nana: I think my computer has spell check... Hahaha) I'm Nana's friend! ^^ We decided on keeping my identity anonamous... so... (Well, my mom is CRAZY STRICT! That about sums it up fine... ><)

I've known Nana since Steptember 2008, when I started highschool!! Haha... we had band together! She was so cute! (She still is!!! >///<) (Nana: >///< Haha.. am i? ) I remeber how her cheeks puffed up when she played her clarinet... Hehehe.. I'd giggle so hard everytime I see it, I have to look away... Good times, eh, Oennie? (Eonnie?) (No, it's "unnie"...) (Nana: Hahaha, yea it was )

Enought about unnie, more about Moi!!! XD I am, like, so obessed with K-Pop! Like legit, no kidding! I do the whole K-poper thing; stay up late to watch Mu- Bank or Inki, search stalker videos of my bais(es), watch old Mu-Bank perfs over, and over, and over again, buy thier posters, dream of them, make fantastical stories of me and K-pop starts in my head.. (Nana: Hahaha... I do that too, but not with guys...) I'vebeen through the whole thing. And I love it. I get distracted and all that, but it's all god! Gotta blance school and K-Pop, man!

OMGGG!!! JYJ came last Friday, but I didn't go. Two of my friends did... OTTATIO Oppa!!! My dream! When will I see Jae Joong in the flesh instead of on-screen?

...What's your bias K- Pop group? My top 5 are... Super Junior ( x 13), Dong Bang Shin Ki (x5), Dae Guk Name Ah (The Boss) (x5 ), Girl's Generation ( x9), and... well... SHINee ( x5 ). Yes, yes I am an SMTown lover!...

You guys know Dae Guk Nam Ah? (Nana: Yess~! I love the pretty guy ) They're extremely good... They have potential to be the next DBSK!!! But they are so underated because they're from a company that's not widely known. Their engilsh name is The Boss, and Japanese name is Daikoku Danji!!! My favortie songs by them are Love Power, Stumble Stumble, and Nobody.. Anybody

Unnie~! Are your wrists sore? Should I stop now? I will Hehe... 11:58pm...

Thanks for reading my first entry! ^^ Let's talk about boys next time okay? >///< Good night!

May 23rd, 2011, 9:59am

Good moring all!! Hope you had a much better morning than I did. My mom made me wake up early = - ='' .

Oh yea, to add to the whole K-Popper thing. I even call my friends Unnie, Oppa and Dongsaengi, if they're a K-Poperer! (Nana: I am.. hahaha) : D I'm so obessed... XD

I went to sleep late last night because I was writing, reading, and playing Pokemon... Hehe.. That is why I didn't want to wake up at 9:00 this morning.

Do you guys like books? (Nana: Ah~! Random attack! )I DO!!! I frideen love books! >///< Here comes the nerdy side to me! I'm a teenager, but I also like to read pre-teen books. Some of them are actually really goood! If you like books about family and hardships, try touchblue by Cynthia Lord! Read each word carefully, and you'll find lots of meaning in it!


May, 24th, 2011, 2:30 pm

Hi y'all! It's almost the end of school today! : D Hihihi.. I saw the guy I like for the first time in a week last block! He is so pretty... Sunbae... Wae you sho pretty? >///< I'm attracted to how he's so tall... and his scars on his face.. That means he didn't get plastic surgery... O.o... Yes... He's Korean : D So.. I'm in French class (oui, oui!), and I finished the assignment. Unnie hates French. (And kinda, sorta not good at it.) Unnie said that if French was living, she kill it. (Nana: I would.! ) Good luck with that! > v <
  Sunbae, sunbae, sunbae... He's so handsome... so tall... and so smart! ^///^ He was in my math class! He was so nice to me. I remeber that one day when he made my friend switch places with him so he could sit beside me.. >///< I blushed so much. ( Omg, I 'm smiling like an idiot) OMG... Unnie... she's talking about how deadly a squirrel can be...
  Anyways! Sunbae needed me to help him with Math! I love him! >///< I liked that very much ^ 3 ^. I told him I liked him the last day I had a class with him behind the school.. It was raining, but he's still cute and pretty as usual.. (shut up)
  He said no, like two weeks later... Then hiter comes the depression stage. I'm not depressed anymore, but I still like him all the same... Like how I'm watching Pirates of the Carribean on Sunday, and I'm thinking about if he'd like it or not...
  Sunbae told me he'll tell me before th final exam, when I asked him out. I saw him later that day, and he was staring at me... Then he smiled a huge grin and waved to me... I fricken hate false hope. But oh well, " Que Sera Sera" (Isn't that, like, a drama or somthing? )
  Does your wrist hurt now, Unnie? (Nana: Haha... I am just numb...) I'll stop! More stories next time! ^^ I like talking about Sunbae~ Oh jok! > 3 < (That's a kissi sound ! <3) .... : D
Ah~! I guess that is all. I hope you have read it all? Hahaha... Long post but no pic....... I can't believe TOP smokes... TT^TT He is so hot... but I hate guys who smoke... That is all for today! Did you like Missy K? She is intersting isnt she! See you guys later! Nana out!

P.S. Good MV

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! WHY TOP DONT SMOKE!!!! (I guess I like him less now because he smokes...)


Kawaiiberri92 said...

I don't think TOP smokes anymore he probably did before but he quit long ago and doesn't smoke now ... maybe you heard old news? ?__?

Hi Missy K and I can't wait for both of you girls future posts ^u^

Mutsumi said...

Great Idea ♥ Missy K seems to be a very interesting & cute person. I like how personal she's writing ♥ keep on !!

Actually I can't talk about the K-Pop stuff now...because I don't have a glue, heh. I know some songs of some bands...but that's all.

To Missy K: I hope Sunbae is not going to hurt you...!! Take care of yourself~
&& Yes, I like books ♥ there are currently about 7 books waiting for me to read the, heh.
&&...stupid question, but...as I'm not into K-Pop....: What does 'Unnie, Oppa and Dongsaengi' mean...?

Anonymous said...

Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

NanaChan said...

@ Everyone!

We will reply your questions on our next post!