Thursday, July 14, 2011

Popteen August 2011 Overlook! Very Long and Heavy Pics

 Yay~! Finially I get to blog again~! Been so busy lately... with summerschool and homework~! Time to relax a bit with Popteen! ! !
When I see the cover~! I feel an overflow of cutness~!

Does Kumiko look a little bit different to you?

She went to Hawaii~!

Kumikki looks different to me somehow....

Adorable hat + outfit~! I love it!

Supper preetty~!

<3 I really love the long dress style now~

Some stuff she bought~!

OMG! Liz Lisa does kids clothes now~ So cute!

Milkly Bunny in Popteen~!

So cute~!

I like this outfit~!

As mentioned before polka dots is in style!

Popular gals from no makeup to makeup!

Some of them are still reallly cute!

Really like summer make up~! But this yea it is more natural!

Hikari's style! She is really cute~!

Really cute salior style~!

I love everything! :D 

Following are somestyles i like!

I really like the jean skirt!

So adorable!

Her style!

That smile is so cute ^^

The look for the beach!

This is the style japanese boys like!

For cooler and sexier gals!

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Long dresses are so cute!

Popular gals at the moment Hikari and Mizuki!

Their styles are so cute!

So cute!

Flowers are very popular this summer!
Bows are a must for every season and this is the summer bows!

Popular summer accessories!

Kumikki's style! It seems summer is prefect for crimping your hair

Mizuki Nishikawa's style is really cute! I really think she is cute!

Hikari's style for this month! I think the clock bag is adorable!

Recently Mizuki Nishikawa is really popular! I can see her everywhere on ads! The glasses  are really cute after decoration!

The hairstyles that Kumikki likes!

Okaire so cute  <3 <3

I really like the double bun hairstyle!

Summer hairstyles!

Lesson on eyelashes!

Combining eyelashes are important!

Popmodels at school!

Hahaha results!

Well that is all for today~! Thank you for reaading! I will try to blog more often since it is summer, but I still have summer school!


Japan Australia said...

Some really cute looks. Thanks for sharing!!

Japan Australia

Kawaiiberri92 said...

hehe thanks for the scans

and a reply to your comment: at first i was afraid of ordering through cause i heard things about them but i ordered from them two times and have not had any problems at all so far everything came on time and i got all my things ^u^ i hope this answers your question

Ina said...

Thank you for sharing! <3

please check out my blog >.<

Marina said...

Thanks for sharing.. You probably spend so much time doing this! You're great!