Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sorry TT ^ TT

Just a quick post to apoligize for my lack of updates lately!!! Sorry!!!
I am very busy with Summer School... D:
I am really happy that you guys like the scans ^^ and for thoese who thanked me, your welcome!!!
Knowing that you guys liked it, it is worth the time!

Latley, I have been studying.. And didn't take care of my skin... TT^TT
After looking at this 100 times... It is still blank...

But, I don't want to bore you to death with my sadness of summer school...
so this is a purikura I took sometime ago with my friends...

Hahaha.. busy busy decorating.. That machine had really sparkly decorations!

How it turned out ^^ Sorry for the bad quality!

Oh yea, this is what I ate on that day! : D So yummmy... too bad it was to much and I only ate the top part...
I promise I will update soon on my purchases, and my new apartment!!! : D

Also, I am thinking about posting about my diet, as soon as I start it after summer school.

What do you think?


Kawaiiberri92 said...

reply :)

hehe thanks and im glad you placed an order on sasa i'd like to see what you got once you get them >u< i hope it goes well for you ^u^

Florence said...

kawaii blog!

following you now!

visit me if you have a mo :)

Florence said...

OMG check out my puri too! I love yours!
love this post!

beauThi said...

Wow! your site is very pretty! *-*